Corporate social responsibility campaigns: a powerful tool in Latino communications

Latinos are quickly becoming a powerful economic force, so tailoring messaging to them should be a key marketing strategy for companies that want to reach this demographic. But simply developing a communications campaign directed at Latinos is not enough. To make a lasting impact and forge strong relationships, organizations should undertake on-the-ground community relations efforts. Aligning employees with Latino causes and building partnerships with appropriate organizations are powerful ways for brands to connect with this community. CSR campaigns can be especially powerful with this group, because Latinos are attuned to cultural signals and value organizations that play a meaningful role in their neighborhoods, in ways that far transcend mere Hispanic marketing.

Multicultural Communications

Here are some success stories:

Pacific Gas & Electric

As one of the nation’s largest energy companies, PG&E serves 15 million Northern and Central California residents. Over the past three decades, PG&E has proactively undertaken measures to establish itself as a community partner by forming the Hispanic Employee Resource Group (ERG) and getting involved with social causes important to Latinos. The ERG group has founded and hosted youth summer camps and created scholarship programs that have strengthened its public relations credibility among Latinos. The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other organizations have recognized the Hispanic ERG for its commitment to partnering with Latino-owned businesses.

Lockheed Martin

As a global leader in technology and manufacturing, Lockheed Martin has leveraged its high-profile reputation to empower Latino youth. Most notably, it has established a strong STEM education program for underserved Latino communities through its Great Minds in STEM initiative. Thanks to the company’s support of this program, many Latino students have participated in conferences and received scholarships that have led to competitive STEM careers. By fostering these relationships, Lockheed Martin has gained significant respect amongst Latinos.

Foster Farms

As the West Coast’s leading poultry producer, Foster Farms is a well-known brand, especially in the California Central Valley, where the company is based. This region also has a large Hispanic population, many of whom unfortunately suffer from food insecurity. To alleviate the problem, Foster Farms brought the Food 4 Thought program to Stanislaus County in 2009 in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank. Since then, the program has provided 4,500 Central Valley elementary school students with more than 1.3 million pounds of food, an accomplishment that is recognized and appreciated by the local Hispanic community. According to a recent Second Harvest parent survey, it is contributing to their positive well-being and improved grades. At the same time, it has also strengthened the brand’s multicultural communication efforts.



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