Crisis Communications

In a worst-case scenario, a crisis could destroy your brand or your organization’s good name. In less dire forms, a crisis could still badly damage your company and, at the very least, cause misunderstanding, lost revenues and customers.

You never know when a crisis will strike or what form it might take, but it is critical to prepare for the unexpected. Even someone else’s failure can damage your business – competitors’ mistakes can hurt an entire industry. In a crisis, it is imperative to manage communications in a way that tells your story compellingly to critical audiences. This can make all the difference between success and failure.

A national “crunch-time counselor” (according to PR Week), our president, Michael Fineman, is a renowned expert on crisis communications and issues management. We have earned national recognition for success in high-profile crises. In today’s culture of instant and persistent media exposure, online defamation and quick-draw lawsuits, we offer clients the battle-tested experience and strategic savvy needed to navigate through stormy seas and into calmer waters.

We identify the four major components of crisis communications as:

  • Establishing credibility. This is important even without considering crises. But should a crisis occur, having already established credibility will provide you a stronger foundation from which to operate.(More)
  • Preparing for a crisis. Being prepared enables you to take a principled approach, rather than flying by the seat of your pants. (More)
  • Managing a crisis. Vetted communications strategies are critical to implement once you find yourself in the middle of a tough situation. (More)
  • Recovering from a crisis. Managing your way through is not the end result or goal. Should you have a crisis situation, you need to recover from it with your reputation undamaged, your brand respected and your relationships intact. (More)

We believe in sharing our best practices with the wider business community. To learn more about crisis communications, view our agency’s Crisis Checklist.