Community & Influencer Relations

Experts in creating “win-win” programs, our community and influencer relations approach helps you build lasting, meaningful relationships with the community. Whether on a regional or national scale, we know how to implement cross-cultural strategies to break down barriers between an organization and community audiences.

These strategies can include corporate social responsibility programs designed to build trust among community influencers and grassroots organizations by both listening attentively and ensuring your story is compellingly presented and heard – with attention to tone, context and nuance. A well-crafted CSR program can awaken the support of an entire community.



Featured Case Studies

  • Generated awareness for an affordable housing complex in Los Angeles called Calden Court Apartments through a comprehensive Latino advertising campaign. More »

  • Our primary objective was to introduce the Tango app to the U.S. Hispanic market and, promote upcoming updates and a new stand-alone app designed to expand Tango’s ecosystem. More »

  • Publicized the opening of a subsidiary for the physician group that provides a comprehensive range of medical services related to the prevention of various cancers. More »

  • Raised the profile of a large independently-owned confectionery manufacturer in the U.S. among Latino retailers and consumers. More »

  • Grew awareness among U.S.-based Mexican consumers for the fastest-growing online money transfer company. More »